About Medical Billing and ……………….. Other Related Services for Behavioral Health Therapists

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If you are a Behavioral Health Therapist and feel overwhelmed trying to handle all the details of your practice, I understand your pain!!

DOLLARS & SEN$E is me, Nadene Vigoda. For many years I worked in Mental Health practices, on both the clinical side and the administrative side. I recognize all the time you devote to non-clinical issues, as well as the many hats you wear to run a successful practice. This is where I can be of assistance and bring relief to you and your practice. Think of me as your on-call/as needed “Business/Practice Manager” who can handle all the essential details of your practice – so you can focus on what’s important to you.

I provide top-notch Medical Billing services to therapists, as well as many adjunct services. Choose only the services you need and free your time to tend to other income-producing matters.

You may want to consider the services of DOLLARS & SEN$E for your Behavioral Health practice if:

checkYou’re looking for top-notch Medical Billing services

checkYou need assistance with the credentialing/re-credentialing process

checkYou need a problem solver with superior skills, familiar with Behavioral Health practices, to follow-up on denied or unpaid claims — or other issues

checkYou’re seeking information/coaching to better understand the financial aspects of operating your practice and managing business expenses vs. revenue


You need to troubleshoot a Provider Enrollment issue with an insurance company

checkYou need to set up an account for your practice with a national clearinghouse to process your electronic billing


You need to enroll your practice with appropriate insurance carriers to allow for electronic payments

checkYou need assistance tracking the status of your accounts receivable to assure your cash flow is flowing and up-to-date

checkYou need assistance developing “Financial Policies & Procedures” for your practice

checkYou’re seeking Start-up Consultation services

checkYou need help designing a system for paperwork flow for your practice

checkYou need assistance creating & designing (or re-designing) forms for your practice

checkYou need to gather billing data to file Appeals

checkYou need to complete a “Back Billing” project — to get your practice caught up