You and Your Money

Would you like to feel as relaxed about your day-to-day finances as you do spending a day at the beach?

Are you confused about what steps to take to diminish your financial stress and bring financial tranquility into your life?

horizontal ruleHi – I’m Nadene Vigoda of DOLLARS & SEN$E. With more than 30 years of experience as a Bookkeeper and Business Administrator, as well as a Business Manager and Intake Specialist for several Behavioral Health practices, I have seen first hand the financial chaos and turmoil that out of control finances create. I am devoted to helping you eliminate your “money fog” so you can understand where your money goes, and transform your financial anxiety into financial peace of mind.

I offer a variety of services to help you decrease your financial challenges and bring about financial clarity and peace of mind. These services can be provided locally/in-person or remotely, and include:

  • BOOKKEEPING  for businesses and individuals
  • MEDICAL BILLING, CREDENTIALING / RE-CREDENTIALING, as well as many adjunct services ……….. for Behavioral Health therapists. (Ask about other medical billing specialties.)

Consultations for all services are free and available by phone. Please call 774 719 2004.